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Water for All: a conversation with Water First

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

On January 26, 2021 the Federation of Sisters of St. Joseph invited John Millar (Founder and Executive Director of Water First) into a conversation with our Blue Community project -- protecting water as a human right, shared commons, and sacred gift.

John showed a short video and spoke about how Water First is training a new generation of Indigenous water operators to help ensure that the drinking water on First Nations reserves is trusted and safe.

Image from the Water First website. Map of Intern locations.

John took many questions from Paul Baines (CSJ Blue Community Coordinator) and the audience of about 100 people. We highlighted Canada's struggling commitment to provide clean drinking water for all.


0: 55 -- Welcome by Paul Baines

4:45​ -- Prayer by Sr. Cecily Hewitt

7:10​ -- Introduction by Sr. Nancy Sullivan

10:10​ -- Presentation by John Millar

29: 15 -- Conversation with Paul Baines

50: 45 -- Q & A with the audience

What are your questions about the lack of clean drinking water on First Nations reserves?

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