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Use Wellington Water Watcher's petition to comment on the Province's proposal to extend the current ban on new bottled water permits by 9 months and to use Environmental Assessments for future permits to address the full social and ecological impacts.


Or mail:

Shari Sookhoo

re: ERO number 019-0913
Environmental Policy Branch
40 St. Clair Avenue West, 10th floor,  Toronto, ON, M4V 1M2

Affirm this proposal online or by mail. 

Protect the Sacred.


Help ensure that water is for life, not for profit. 

"Trudeau: It’s time to end drinking water advisories in First Nations

I urge the federal government to declare this public health crisis an emergency and to act immediately with provincial officials to rectify it. Any solution must recognize Indigenous peoples’ right to free, prior and informed consent and their right to self-determination."

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Stop Nestlé executive’s appointment to the Swiss agency responsible for water aid.

Sign the PETITION to the Swiss government:

As Nestlé’s head of public affairs, Christian Frutiger regularly ignores Nestlé's overexploitation of water in its bottling facilities and installations around the world. Mr. Frutiger has never publicly addressed problems with Nestlé water takings in VITTEL, France; GUELPH, Canada; or in MAINE, MICHIGAN, FLORIDA and CALIFORNIA in the United States. If Christian Frutiger can ignore his company’s problems in developed countries with well-established democratic traditions, what damage might occur in less developed, institutionally fragile countries?

Read and Share this 4-page Information Sheet about Ontario's bottled water ban.

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Wellington Water Watchers believes that Permits to Take Water for bottling should undergo Environmental Assessments. This will allow for a full public debate on the social and environmental impacts of water bottling in Ontario.

With pressure on Justin Trudeau mounting and his Indigenous Services Minister attempting to make an announcement to help the people of Grassy Narrows, there is a unique opportunity to pressure the Prime Minister to deliver on his promise to address the Mercury Crisis in Grassy Narrows.


FIVE things you can do, including a attend a Toronto Rally on June 20th. 

More info on their website.


Tell Jeff Yurek, Ontario Minister of Environment to end plastic pollution by Nestlé !!

Watch and comment on this video about bottled water in Ontario. Share with your politicians, neighbours, friends, and family.



Did you know that Nestlé Waters Canada takes and sells millions of litres of groundwater every day in Ontario? Water is for life, not for profit. As a Blue Community working to protect and cherish water, the Sisters of St. Joseph urge all of us to learn, pray and act to keep water for life and not for profit. Help magnify our efforts and build a community of water protectors by viewing, sharing and commenting on this new video, “Say No to Nestle.” Visit our project website for more information:


Download and share the London presentation on the CSJ Blue Communities (adapted for each location)