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Celebrating a new engagement poster, our Blue Community project wants you to know why water is a human right, shared commons and sacred gift. Listen to the Sisters of St. Joseph and other members of the Federation talk about their reflections on water.


If you would like a copy of this free poster, please get in touch. We would love have these posters in class rooms, staff rooms, parishes, community centres, offices, and places that need a splash of colour to invite critical conversations about water education, advocacy, and gratitude.

Options for displaying this poster include: framing it, attaching poster hangers, tape, or adding foamboard to the back. Engagement options include: adding a comment box underneath the poster asking people "what reflections on water does this poster invite for you?" or "what actions does this poster invite for you?". Collect these responses for your own water education and advocacy strategies and we would also welcome your examples of these comments. Send them along to our inbox:

Comment on the Province's proposed approach to giving bottled water permits

The August 2nd deadline is coming fast to voice your concerns on how the Province gives permits to the bottled water industry. You can see the proposed changes here.

We are preparing a summary of this proposal with reflective and contextual comments to support your voice. Coming soon. 


"Trudeau: It’s time to end drinking water advisories in First Nations

I urge the federal government to declare this public health crisis an emergency and to act immediately with provincial officials to rectify it. Any solution must recognize Indigenous peoples’ right to free, prior and informed consent and their right to self-determination."

Sign the petition here.

Watch and comment on this video about bottled water in Ontario. Share with your politicians, neighbours, friends, and family.



Did you know that Nestlé Waters Canada takes and sells millions of litres of groundwater every day in Ontario? Water is for life, not for profit. As a Blue Community working to protect and cherish water, the Sisters of St. Joseph urge all of us to learn, pray and act to keep water for life and not for profit. Help magnify our efforts and build a community of water protectors by viewing, sharing and commenting on this new video, “Say No to Nestle.” Visit our project website for more information: 


Download and share the London presentation on the CSJ Blue Communities (adapted for each location)