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Read about the Peterborough and Pembroke events in this blog post and the London event in this blog post.


September 19, 2018 -- 

Celebration of sacred and local waters. 485 Windermere Road. 

9:30 -- 10:15

Sisters and Staff and practical aspects of being a Blue Community

2:30 - 4:30

Community Forum on the Kettle Creek watershed. Reconciling peoples and places through water protection with Yeyatalunyuhe (Lela) George (Oneida Nation and community organizer) and Paul Baines (CSJ Blue Communities Coordinator)

Water is Life. Water is Sacred. Protect the Sacred. These short appeals have gone from the margins to the mainstream in recent years, thanks to the leadership of Indigenous woman and a growing movement of allies from all walks of life. Adding to their legacy of healing and lifting up the most vulnerable, the CSJ is the first religious order and the first non-governmental organization to adopt the Blue Communities pledge. Looking into the future, we now ask: why is it important to protect water as a human right, a shared commons, and a sacred gift? Paul and Lela will present on the need for this Blue Community and some steps forward on our water journey. 


September 8, 2018, @ 10am

Mass and prayer about the sacredness of water with talk about the Blue Communities pledge.


October 24, 2018, @ 2-4pm

November 2nd, 2018, @ 2:30-4pm
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