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Water Circle for Interfaith Harmony

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Text for this post was offered by Sr. Janet Speth and Varka Kalaydzhieva.

For the first time, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto took part in the celebrations of World Interfaith Harmony Week. The week aims at fostering collaboration and partnership among different faiths and traditions around the world.

Water is the First Medicine was offered as a workshop on February 2, organized in collaboration with Indigenous women water carriers. Lori (Anishinaabe) shared water creation stories and Angela (Plains Cree) shared healing dances related to our connection with the water.

Angela (Plains Cree) performed a hoop dance. She started with 1 hoop & ended with 5. Thanks to Reverend Michelle Singh for the photo.

Along with 20 Sisters from the Toronto Congregation , the circle included other interfaith participants:

  • a professor from St. Michael's College at U of Toronto

  • a Muslim woman with an interest in waste water science

  • a woman from Faith Connections Ministry for young adults

  • a member of the Scarboro Mission fathers

  • Reverend Michelle Singh from Interfaith Harmony Week

  • a Jewish woman

  • an artist

Sister Janet talked about the Blue Community project and invited the faith communities represented to consider becoming blue communities. Resource material was available.

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