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Walking the Talk: activating for the water

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Last fall, the CSJ Blue Community coordinator Paul Baines gave a presentation about 6 different water agreements that can help shape an Ontario-based water justice journey. This was part of the People’s Water Campaign (organized by the Wellington Water Watchers) and led up to their Watershed 2020 event in September.

Many of us have no water teachings and are learning how Canada’s authority is contested by Indigenous self-determination and jurisdiction. Guiding questions when reviewing these 6 written water intensions:

  • Who’s voice is being centered and who are these intentions written for?

  • What do these voices teach us about ‘water justice’?

  • How are these intentions to be used toward their goal?

  • What kind of agency is being animated? (what is power?)

Paul's presentation is about 23 minutes. You can watch it below and also download the slides here.

walking the talk presentation
Download PDF • 657KB

What do these voices teach us about ‘water justice’?

  • no justice within a colonial system

  • sacred and gift relationships

  • responsibility and rights

  • we are water

  • water has its own responsibilities

  • all of creation and future generations matter

  • centering Indigenous teachings and governance and the role of women

  • no justice within extractive growth system

  • ceremony is part of governance

  • water comes in many forms

  • governance is participatory

  • move from the abstract to action

  • and many more -- add yours below

Share any of your questions or reactions in the comments section if you like. Watershed 2021 is planned for October 16th.

By Paul Baines
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