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Junction Creek Clean Up: Sudbury volunteers for water

By Sister Bonnie Chesser

As members of the Sisters of St. Joseph Blue Community project, we have been hoping to connect with other groups in Sudbury who share our concern for clean water. These opportunities have been severely curtailed with the Pandemic.

However, on a lovely and warm fall day we were able to lend our assistance to the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee. I was accompanied by 2 friends, Jennifer Michel (one of our Associates and a member of our Blue Community Steering Committee) and anther concerned friend, Elaine Fielding.

We collected trash on a trail along the creek running between Delaware Ave. and Barrydowne Road. I am including this very interesting and informative report on the items collected courtesy of the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee (JCSC) . If you are interested in joining us for any further clean-up opportunities, please us know in the comments.

  • Date: October 20, 2020

  • Location: Fielding St/Delaware Ave to Barrydowne (area ~ 14,300 square metre)

  • # volunteers: 24

  • 334 kg of garbage

As you can see in the numbers above, most of this garbage is plastic and was picked up in just a few hours. Plastic-Free Greater Sudbury has launched a PLEDGE for help us reduce our plastic consumption. Which of these actions could you commit to? (click the image to fill in the form).

Try this 5 minute survey as part of the Reducing Plastic Waste in Urban Waterways project by the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee and Plastic-Free Greater Sudbury. It will help these groups understand how aware Sudburian's are on plastic-waste in our waterways. Your results will aid in planning for better water protection. Get started here.

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